Unirisco has been a pioneering initiative in the Spanish university sphere: an undertaking born in the academia with the aim of supporting entrepreneurship based on knowledge and technology. Unirisco has on many occasions provided essential funding and support, something for which not only the companies that owe part of what they are to Unirisco, but all the territory of Galicia, should be thankful for.

Senén Barro, Situm promoter and partner.


Situm Technologies is a spin-off from the University of Santiago de Compostela specialized in the development of indoor positioning technologies and services. This allows companies in different sectors to improve their services and optimize their processes by guiding visitors and monitoring their employees and mobile assets.

The core technology behind the Situm IPS (Indoor Positioning System) Platform is an algorithm that merges pre-existing information in the environment (magnetic fields, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) with data from inertial sensors of smartphones to provide an accuracy of less than 5 metres without the need of additional hardware.