Unirisco participates in the development of the company, contributing its experience from other investee companies and contacts to the managing of the company. As a fund, it came to us at the initial development stage of Appentra, and it supported and advised us throughout the process until we reached the next stage, always showing flexibility and adapting to the arrival of new partners. Their contributions have always made us reflect when making decisions. They are communicative, they listen and they focus on the right conversations so we can achieve our next goal. They may as well be described as “Company Builders”

Rosa Vázquez Rogel CFO & Co-Founder, Appentra Solutions

Appentra Solutions S.L

Appentra is a spin-off from the University of A Coruña built on R&D results in the field of software development tools for High Performance Computing.

Appentra is a global Deep Tech company that delivers products based on the Parallelware technology, a unique approach to static code analysis specialized in concurrency and parallelism. The aim of the company is to make parallel programming easier, enabling everyone to make the best use of parallel computing hardware from the multi-cores in a laptop to the fastest supercomputers.