As a highly technological spin-off, we contacted Unirisco seeking a partner that would understand the specificities of the companies born in universities, and that could support us throughout the entrepreneurial learning process. We could witness Unirisco’s unique and differentiating approach right from the analysis stage, when they assisted us in the patent process even before investing. And when they became part of the company, they kept following that philosophy based on supporting university entrepreneurs along their arduous journey to the market.

Alexandre Bastos, Ancora’s CEO

Ancora Mobile S.L

Ancora Mobile S.L. is a spin-off from the University of Vigo with a novel and unique technology that allows for direct mobile-external device interaction, which is the result of over 10 years of development at the Research Centre for Telecommunication Technologies (Atlanttic).

Ancora is a virtual exoskeleton that makes it easier for production workers to get connected, providing digital support that improves their competitiveness and their autonomy.

It combines software (virtual interface), mobile devices and extended displays, allowing for the connection of the worker to the smart factory.