At Unirisco, We Create Value

We have a track record of over 20 years, based on a professional, transparent and honest management strategy that allows us to create value for our shareholders and also for the investee companies.

Code of Ethics

Responsible Investment Policy

Our Commitment

We support the financial needs of technology business projects, thus contributing to:

1. Technological development, promoting alternatives to the transfer of knowledge from universities to society by creating technology-based companies

2. The creation and maintenance of qualified jobs

3. The establishment of an entrepreneurial culture by starting up high added-value companies

4. Investments made according to smart money criteria, providing comprehensive advice

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We collaborate with…

We are part of…

We collaborate with…

Sustainable Development Goals

We contribute to the creation of high-quality jobs and we bring disruptive technologies with a social impact closer to society

We support projects linked to the Galician agri-food system

We support projects specializing in the biotechnology, healthcare and/or pharma fields

We support projects stemming from the university sphere with highly qualified jobs

We invest in projects led by women and with equal participation

We also invest in projects that guarantee a sustainable supply of water resources

Our investments are also aimed at companies that contribute to changing the current energy model

We make socially responsible investments that contribute to the creation of high-quality jobs

We support innovative projects that create an industry for the future

We support innovative projects focused on guaranteeing social progress

We support projects that bring about an improvement in the condition of our cities

We support investments that guarantee access to responsible production and consumption

We make investment in projects that contribute to the achievement of the Climate Goals by 2050

We support projects that minimize the environmental impact on our seas

We support projects in which environmental sustainability is key

We are committed to reporting and transparency for a good corporate management and to maintaining trust relationships with our stakeholders

We maintain inclusive associations at all levels, aligned with our principles, values and goals focused on people and the planet

Our Ethics Mailbox

If you have any doubts or suggestions, you can contact us at the following e-mail address: