Do you have a technology or a discovery that fit the needs of the market?

If you want to become an entrepreneur and you think that your project meets the market needs, that it is viable and that it has a scalable business model, we would be delighted to collaborate with you. At Unirisco we can help you achieve your goals.

If you share our values and you want to become an entrepreneur, contact us

How Can We Help You?

At Unirisco we boost your project


We analyse your business plan and we advise you on the current situation


If there is a potential market for your project and you see good governance practices


If you have a technology-based and scalable project originated in a university or a research centre


We invest in your project to drive your ideas

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur with Unirisco,
contact us

Services that will help you become an entrepreneur

Learn all about what we have to offer to investee companies


We promote your business project by investing our capital

Business Development

We contribute our experience to the validation, consolidation and evolution of your business model

Management Control

We work together to make your project profitable and help you achieve your goals


We advise you on how to improve your positioning in international markets

ESG Factors

We help you show the positive impact of your activity in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria

Marketing and Communication

We offer advice on the definition of your marketing and communication strategy

Training and Talent

We work together to help you improve your skills and abilities. We advise you on talent attraction and management


We have a network of contacts and potential stakeholders at your disposal

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