Who we are

Formed in November 2000 as part of a University of Santiago initiative, UNIRISCO Galicia is a venture capital group promoting the creation of companies making use of university knowledge. This is achieved through short-term investment operations in their financing or through other financial instruments, always with the criteria of profitability and job creation in mind.

It is, therefore, a business stimulation tool which fosters:

  • Technological development through the creation of companies to open up avenues for the transferral of knowledge from the university to society.
  • Job creation and maintenance within the university community.
  • In short, the setting up of an entrepreneurial culture at the university, encouraging its members to set up companies.

To promote this project, aimed specifically at engineering industries, the University of Santiago de Compostela has teamed up with the University of Vigo, thus complementing and increasing opportunities for technology transference.
At the same time they have both gained the support of the region’s major financial institutions and business groups, who have lent not only their financial resources, but also their credibility and ample experience, both in business management and in investment analysis and monitoring.

UNIRISCO Galicia acts according to the regulations set out in Law 1/1999, of the 5th of January, concerning Venture Capital Groups and their management companies and is thus subject to control by the National Stock Exchange Commission. (CNMV).