What is Unirisco’s monitoring procedure?

To monitor investments, UNIRISCO can seat an advisor on the administrative bodies of the subject companies.

Here, the contacts and experience of the company’s promoters – universities, financial entities and industrial groups – will also play an important part.

In this way, UNIRISCO can play a hands-on role in the decision-making bodies of the subject companies, but not in the day-to-day running of the business, and can lend its experience, knowledge and economic consultancy, financial, strategic, commercial and technical skills.

From time to time, the Investment Control department will ask for information from the subject companies so that it can evaluate them and draft reports for UNIRISCO’s Board of Directors and for the National Stock Exchange Commission.
As a minimum this information will include:

  • Precise and sufficient information concerning all relevant decisions, facts and any contingency which affects or could influence the development of the company’s business, its profitability and financial circumstances, investment or dividend distribution policy as well as any significant changes in its administrative body or in the shareholder structure.
  • At least once every quarter, interim financial statements comprising, at the very least, the balance sheet and the profit and loss account for the company and, if appropriate, the consolidated group, to be presented in the format and criteria laid out in the annual accounts.