Our value

UNIRISCO Galicia’s financial collaboration involves:

  • Increasing funds by virtue of its short-term involvement in the company’s capital.
  • Sharing the business risk by contributing resources (capital and/or participation loans) linked to company results.
  • Long-term improvement of loan funds through lending operations.
  • Having easier access to other investment institutions and/or independent bodies.
  • Receiving support in the search for extra financing: other partners, external debt, subsidies and state assistance programmes, etc.

Having UNIRISCO as a shareholder also means enjoying the support of its members, resulting in increased confidence in the subject company’s credibility and greater influence in its negotiations with third parties.

It also facilitates direct contact between major R+D centres in Galicia, allowing easy access to the university’s research groups and its scientific production skills.

Similarly, the team participating in and working with the UNIRISCO project also contributes its experience and knowledge to the subject company, thanks to its unending work during its involvement in the company’s capital and its administrative bodies.

In short, UNIRISCO’s involvement brings credibility, prestige and value to the company.